Words of Wisdom

Many people consider their financial goals to be far more important than their personal goals. But the personal goals have to come first -- the money is just a means to get there. ~Darren L. Zagarola, CFP®, CPA, PFS

How to Assess if the New Tax Law Helped You

So many Americans are still trying to figure out if the new tax law helped or hurt them. One’s instinct is to judge it based on whether you paid more taxes this year or last year. However, this may not be an accurate way to assess the result. Find out why.

Words of Wisdom

It takes a noble person to plant a seed for a tree that will someday give shade to people they may never meet. ~David E. Trueblood

How to Get Ready for the Tax Preparer

Tax season officially started this week, and the IRS maintains it is expecting to issue refunds within 21 days of when it receives and accepts a return - the same as always. Consider these tips to save your preparer time, and potentially save yourself money.

7 Resolutions for Financial Success

It's that time of year again, when we reflect on what is important to us, revisit values, and make resolutions. Consider what you can do to organize your financial life and achieve your long-term goals. Here are 7 realistic resolutions to get you started.

Tax Bill Alert

Another tax bill is working its way through the House. If passed in its present form, it makes changes to retirement plans and other things. Read more.

We are pleased to announce that Darren Zagarola, Howard Hook, Howard Milove, and Eleanore Szymanski have all won the 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager award.

The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

Everybody wants to be in on the ground floor of the next big investment idea. This year, we're getting a lot of questions about the Marijuana industry. With medical usage now legal in most states, and well-established companies looking to enter the industry, is this a slam-dunk investment opportunity? Let's discuss.

Tips for Preventing Fraud: A Checklist

Cybercrime and fraud are serious threats and constant vigilance is key. This checklist summarizes common cyber fraud tactics, best practices for protecting yourself, and actions to take if you suspect that your personal information has been compromised.

The Importance of Having a Will

Nearly 60% of U.S. adults do not have a will. The three most common reasons include "we can't agree on a guaradian/executor," "none of my assets are taxable," and "I don't have enough assets to leave to anyone." This article addresses the last two myths.

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