Cash is King

When building an investment portfolio, it's important to consider cash in the mix. Learn the many reasons why, and how to determine how much cash is right for your financial plan.

Why Everyone Needs a Will

"Why do I need a will?" is a question I get asked often. Individuals incorrectly assume their assets are not large enough to warrant a will; but there's more to it than that.

The Hidden Cost of Your 401(k)

401(k) balances are near all-time highs, leaving retirement savers feeling pretty good about themselves and their futures. Eventually though, we all have to take distributions from those accounts, and that includes paying taxes. To lessen the tax bite, financial pros recommend a few key tips.

How to Get Ready for the Tax Preparer

Tax season officially started this week, and the IRS maintains it is expecting to issue refunds within 21 days of when it receives and accepts a return - the same as always. Consider these tips to save your preparer time, and potentially save yourself money.

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