Find the Best Retirement Plan for You

Saving for retirement seems like a relatively straightforward goal: You know you’ll need money later — so you should save for it now, right? Yet nearly 50% of the population wishes they were saving more!

Part of saving money is knowing where to keep it – and there are many options (and rules) to consider.

Howard Hook weighed in on the Solo 401(k). Here’s what he had to say:

If you’re self-employed and you have no employees, typically the Solo 401(k) makes sense from a financial perspective because you can save dollar for dollar, whereas with a SEP it’s a percentage of your salary. A Solo 401(k) does involve more paperwork, but it’s not drastic.

This article, published on, provides some guidance about the different plans available.

Read the entire article here: Find the Best Retirement Plan for You

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